INternational observational study To Understand the impact and BEst practices of airway management in critically ill patients (INTUBE)

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INTUBE study is a large multi-centre, prospective, observational study on airway management in critically ill patients.


Endotracheal intubation (ETI) is a potentially life-threatening procedure for critically ill patients and major severe complications such as severe hypoxia, cardiovascular collapse and cardiac arrest are common.

This project aims to prospectively collect data on the current impact of ETI-related adverse events and current airway management practice in critically ill patients.


We will prospectively collect data from 1000 ETI-related major complications from at least 180 centres worldwide. Each center will be asked to collect data from 20 ETIs.

Which patients?

All adult (≥ 18 year) critically ill patients undergoing in-hospital ETI. We will exclude patients undergoing ETI during cardiac arrest or anesthesia.


From 1 October to 3o April 2019 (with extra 8-week to complete enrollment if at a least a patient is already enrolled).

How do I participate?

We are looking for either academic or non-academic centres caring critically ill patients around the globe. Please register your interest here.


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